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Poll: Consumers Eating Out

As more and more consumers are making attempts at eating healthier, there seems to still be more clarification. As a consumer myself, I see going out to a restaurant as a “treat” as I’m sure the rest of consumers out there do so as well. But, what differentiates the way that consumers see healthy as opposed to the restauranteur?

It appears that consumers will more than likely skip on the menu item that says, “skinny cocktail” or another term for a “healthier version” of a meal, instead they will likely choose a smaller portion, choose water over another beverage or even skip dessert altogether.

Here are a few statistics that were recently taken:

“In the NPD Group study, ?Healthy at Foodservice,? the most popular strategies for healthful dinners included these:

? Have a salad as a meal: 39 percent

? No dessert or sweets: 38 percent

? No beverage or just have water: 37 percent

? Pick a healthier protein or meat: 28 percent

? Get a smaller portion: 23 percent

? No appetizer: 22 percent

? Don?t eat the whole thing: 19 percent”

All in all though, the real question is will the consumer truly avoid those foods that are thought to be on the “bad list” of foods to eat? As mentioned earlier, going out to a restaurant is more than likely a “treat” to most everyone so that means they may have a food not normally eaten at home, i.e., like a fancy Mac n’ Cheese — just in a smaller size. The real challenge is in truly understanding the consumers perspective of what healthy really means.

Guest Blog Post By: Lydia Wisz

What do you eat when you go out to eat?