KIPP Summit Academy Builds Beautiful Garden for its kids

KIPP Summit Academy recently built a school garden with the help of Healthy Planet. KIPP Summit shares the same vision as Healthy Planet, believing that young children should understand, as well as adopt, gardening practices for a healthier today and tomorrow. The Dig Day took place on October 16th, 2016 at their San Lorenzo, California campus. The students, as well as teachers and parents, showed up to roll up their sleeves?and help make their dream garden a reality.

The staff and parents are particularly excited about building this garden, saying that unless we take small and incremental steps towards changing the health of our planet, it will never happen! In fact, what better way than teaching our kids the importance of a healthful living then by cultivating gardens at school? The participation of students, parents and the community made the day a memorable one with a new beautiful garden space.