KIPP King Builds School Garden to Nurture Young Minds

The teachers at KIPP King believe that their students will not only learn science through gardening but also enjoy the process of building and maintaining a garden. With the help of Healthy Planet, as well as support from parents, teachers and community leaders, KIPP created their very own school grown garden. The Dig Day that took place on Oct 23, 2016 reflected the contagious enthusiasm of the students who were?there!

It was a delight to see how the process of gardening gave the students an opportunity to nurture their curiosity and desire to explore the world. The teachers and parents shared their feelings about this idea by suggesting that this would be a great learning tool for many.? By taking a step like this, KIPP King hopes to get their students closer to real food,?while also helping them be more informed, knowledgeable and responsible citizens.