Welcome to the third annual 21 Day Challenge. Since our first 21 Day Challenge in 2014, we?ve partnered with over 30 businesses and reached over 6,500 people.

This year, the 21 Day Challenge is a recipe contest called #ImAChef. It?s all about inspiring people to eat real food and empowering everyone to cook. Anyone can be a chef! Kids, parents, college students, business professionals, academics, athletes, and you!

How does it work?

  1. Submit your recipe anytime after April 25th.
  2. Use social media, emails, word of mouth and the hashtag #ImAChef to tell your friends and family to vote for your recipe at? a day for 21 days starting on May 4th.
  3. The chef that receives the most online votes wins! Prizes also go to the chef?s family, friends, class, school or company, so help spread the word for your chef to win!


Your recipe can be from any culture and any meal. It can be for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack or dessert! However, it must be made with real food. What does ?real food? mean?

  • Real food grows and dies, it is not created in a factory
  • Real food rots and wilts ? real food cannot sit on a shelf for years
  • Real food in its most natural state will always be either a vegetable, fruit, grain, legume, nuts, seeds, and/or animal protein
  • Real food has been minimally processed
  • This does include herbs, spices, seasonings, flours. This does not include pre-made sauces, mixes, etc.