green tea leaves

How I Went Green

By Bridger Young, Marketing Intern

I read or heard a quote once that mentioned something similar to ?the most important aspect of having a fulfilling life is making a difference in someone else’s.? I don?t remember where I heard it or who said it, but honestly, that doesn?t matter. What matters, is that it stuck with me.

Growing up in Michigan, we don?t have readily available fresh vegetables, fruits, etc. We have farm land (and a lot of it) but it?s used only in the summer and mainly for corn, beans or wheat. As a result, the concept of ?healthy growing? is certainly not as prominent in the mitten as it is on the West Coast. Until I applied for Healthy Planet, I had never heard of a process like creating gardens for schools and having readily available fresh organic food for younger generations. So, that wasn?t what drew me to applying for an internship with the company. What did, was being able to make a difference in other?s lives. Ever since I was a kid, especially during the holidays, we?d buy presents for the underprivileged through our church or Toys For Tots as a way to give back and help out. It?s something that I?ve always been accustomed to doing, so when I saw Healthy Planet?s post, I realized I could continue on that path of changing lives.

So far, I?ve learned that Healthy Planet was originally a UK company that branched out into the United States, becoming Healthy Planet US. The goal here is to see a garden in every school in America — not just to provide a healthier diet and lifestyle, but also to have students see and understand where minimally-processed food comes from. Through this, we can tackle multiple problems among today?s youth such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. In a short clip we watched, featuring UK based Chef Jamie Oliver, he showed a chart with the leading causes of death in America. The top three were all diet-related, mostly due to heart disease and diabetes. Healthy Planet is on course to help change that and give future generations a longer life.

Throughout my Healthy Planet internship my hope is to learn more about my major and industry. Digital and mobile ads/marketing has really taken off recently, so I?m looking forward to learning about those different strategies, audiences and targets, etc. At Michigan State we have two different advertising programs within the major. One is management (myself), that deals more with creative briefs, budgets, target markets, research, and so on. The other is creative, which deals more with media, directing, video and Photoshop. So I?m also looking forward to diving into some of those aspects a little, so that I have a working knowledge of those programs and how to use them.

All said, I?m looking forward to the next few months at Healthy Planet!