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The Results

After you’ve planted your?Healthy Growing seeds, you can reap the benefits…

  • 15% increase – students choosing healthy food instead of fast food
  • 44% increase in academic performance
  • 95% of gardens are still active since 2012
  • Improvements in attendance, attitudes, and employability
  • Connected, proud, & responsible community
  • Long-term school garden
  • An amazing hands-on school learning resource
  • A creative, business-minded Enterprise Project, planned and implemented in the community by the students
  • School budget savings from?less food waste
  • Access to sustainable fruits and vegetables
  • A student-driven, healthy, ethical, and recurring school fundraiser
  • A stronger, healthier community
  • Reduction in childhood obesity
  • Reduction in type 2 diabetes
  • A new generation of conscious eaters