Field Volunteer Media and Photo Guidelines

Downloadable Document:?Field Volunteer Photo and Media Guidelines


It?s possible at a Dig Day that a journalist or reporter may stop by to check things out. Healthy Planet will notify Field Volunteers if any form of media will be arriving to a Dig Day. However, we often don?t find out until 48 hours before the Dig Day. If someone from the Healthy Planet San Francisco Headquarters is available to assist we will send someone to your Dig Day, however that may not always be the case, so it?s important to review this and the following documents just in case media arrive.

Documents to Review
Media Talking Points
Tips for MediaI Interviews

What?s the difference between journalists and a reporter?

Journalists often will take pictures or ask if you are taking pictures. They may ask a few questions and then in about 48 hours will distribute an article with images in their local publication.
Reporters may have a film crew and may want to do an interview on camera.

If interviewed, remember to always keep the interview focused on the great work the community of parents, teachers, children and schools are doing with their school garden.

Because Healthy Planet works with journalists, it?s very important to send photos from the Dig Day at the end of the day or first thing on the next day. Turn around time on articles for media is generally 24 hours.



  • If there are any sponsored items (snack, waters, etc), please take photos
  • Get close ups of people in the garden
  • Get down at kid height
  • Shoot away from the sun
  • Have patience, but be ready
  • Be a goofball and have fun
  • Let them run the session, don?t try to control it
  • Play the expressions game – see if they can do their best impression of a funny word
  • Take iphone photos sideways not vertical. Healthy Planet website is designed for horizontal photos
  • Keep your elbows in to help keep iphone or camera steady
  • This resource by petapixel is excellent!

Examples of great photos:?In all of these images you can see faces, smiles, gardens/garden beds, fruits and vegetables.

IMG_1651 ?rocketship school photo saint monicas Horrall 4??Horrall Elementary


Examples of photos that need improvement:
These photos show the back sides of people, backsides of heads, are a bit blurry, or have dark lighting and shadows. We would like to avoid taking photos like these.


IMG_0512_crop_woman_plant_700 school-image slide_t4_011314?