Garden Maintenance


Check the Planting/Harvesting Calendar, Growing Guide, and seed packets for specific planting instructions. Seeds can either be planted into their final growing spot or started in seed trays, egg cartons, seed cups, small pots, etc.

Transplants, sometimes called Starts, Starters, or Seedlings, refer to plants that have already started growing. Transplants can either be bought at a nursery, started in your classroom, or started at home as seeds in trays, cups, small pots, etc.


Check your Growing Guide (?Days to Harvest? column) and/or seed packets for harvesting time and instructions.

Tip: Use two hands to harvest! Hold the plant with one hand, and harvest the fruit or vegetable with the other.


After seedlings are well established and easily recognizable, weed every couple of weeks, or as often as is needed, making sure to pull the weeds from the root using your hands, a hand shovel, or both.

Tip: When using tools, stay your arm?s length plus the tool length away from the next person. Identify which tools are for adults only.


Most fruits, vegetables and herbs should be thoroughly watered at least 2 times per week in the dry season (except perennial and drought-tolerant plants). The soil should stay moist, not soaked and not dry. In the rainy winter season, water only if it doesn?t rain. When watering, keep the hose or watering can close to the ground near the roots to keep water off the plant?s leaves and to avoid losing water to evaporation.

Tip: When using a hose, have 3 kids on the hose, and rotate positions so one is controlling the water and two are preventing the hose from knocking over the plants.


Most seeds germinate better when planted close together. But, once the plants sprout, they crowd each other and can?t reach full size unless some are removed. Once seedlings are well established, thin according to plant spacing in the Growing Guide, removing smaller plants in favor of larger, stronger ones.

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