Pre-K Lesson: What is a Plant?

Common Core:

California Preschool Learning Foundations, Volume 3:

Scientific Inquiry (1.0 Observation and Investigation) (2.0 Documentation and Communication)

Life Sciences (1.0 Properties and Characteristics of Living Things) (2.0 Changes in Living Things)


To explore the process of a seed growing into a plant, and to highlight the different needs of plants.

Key words (Make a Vocab Tree):

Seeds, Soil, Water, Sunlight

Resources: ?????

  • Two types of plants (Can be homegrown, store bought, picked out as a class, observed outside, etc.)
  • Paper
  • Crayons/Markers


First, give all students paper and drawing utensils. Separate the class in half and ask half the students to draw any plant they want. Ask the rest of the students to approach the two different types of plants you?ve brought into the class. Let them see, touch, and taste the plants. Meanwhile the other half will continue to work on the drawings.

Once the group observing the plants is finished, have them switch with the drawing group.

Have everyone come together as a class and discuss plants. Ask the preschoolers what they need to grow. How do people grow big and strong? Now, think about plants. How do plants grow big and strong? Do they eat food? Ask students what they think a plant is? Discuss how a plant grows from seeds, and that it needs nutrients, water, and sunlight to grow.

Invite and encourage students to continue their plant drawings based on what they just observed and also including the information they just learned. For example, the preschoolers could draw a sun because they learned that the sun is essential for plant growth. Encourage students to include sun, water, seeds, etc. in their drawings.


Pre-K Lesson: What is a plant?

What is a Plant Diagram