Lesson 4.2: At Home Solutions

Common Core Standards:

Next Generation Science Standards


Ask questions, make observations, and gather information about a situation people want to change to define a simple problem that can be solved through the development of a new or improved object or tool.

Target audience:

Grades 2-6


*Teach students about how long their fruits and vegetables last for safe consumption

*Allow students to practice asking scientific questions – forming questions and hypotheses

Key Words:

vegetables, fruits, storage, reduce, waste


  • Solutions PowerPoint
  • Fruits and vegetable cards
  • Produce lifespan?chart
  • Magnet or tape (to adhere cards to board)



The Solutions PowerPoint is meant to help you introduce to students various ways they can adjust their lifestyle to limit their daily food waste. Please refer to presenters notes in the powerpoint for in-depth explanations of each bullet point. The presentation is broken down into two sections; 1) Benefits of Reducing Food Waste and 2) Ways to Reduce Food Waste.


One of the ways that we can reduce food waste is by learning how long our produce lasts, so that they can be used accordingly. This activity will ask students to create a timeline as a class. First, instructors should print out the fruits and vegetable cards. The cards should be cut along the dotted.

On the whiteboard/chalkboard, briefly sketch out a large timeline like the following:

|—5 days —1wk—2wks—3wks—1month——-2months——-3months——-4months——-5months——-|

For older or more advanced students, you may ask students to help come up and draw a timeline.

Place students in pairs or groups. Have each group or pair pick a card and place them on the board according to how long they think each item lasts. You may ask them to write down a hypothesis and reasoning for their conclusion.

Once they have completed their placements on the timeline, go through as a class and reveal the actual period of time the produce can last if stored in a refrigerator. Use the Produce lifespan chart for your reference.

Based on the answers, use this opportunity to teach students about produce storage and lifespan. Have students rearrange the cards in the correct order, if they were incorrect.

Emphasize that these produce lasts the given amount of time if stored correctly in the refrigerator.


Talk to students about the changes they can make personally. During this discussion, ask students to

come up with personal goals that you can review as a class later in the year.

Future Activities/Homework:

Assign students to go home and look through their refrigerator. Ask them to list the produce in their fridge and explore As part of the homework, students should create a timeline of when the items they have should be used.


Lesson 4.2 At Home Solutions[PDF]

Lesson 4.2 – At Home Solutions PPT?[Microsoft PowerPoint]


Lesson 4.2 – Produce Lifespan Chart?[PDF]