Lesson 8: In the Garden


Students will:

  • Finalize the Enterprise Project, and assist Teams to complete their tasks
  • Reconnect with the School Garden space before the completion of the Enterprise Project
  • Determine what the class will create/purchase with the Enterprise Project profits

Setting: Classroom & Garden

Time: 50 minutes


This lesson should be separated into two sections. In the first section the class will focus on completing their Enterprise Project. The second section will be held in the school garden, where the students will draw or write what they think the funds from the Enterprise Project should be used for.


Teacher Background:

This is the final lesson in the Enterprise Project curriculum, however it is more than likely that the Enterprise Project will take place after this lesson.

The majority of this lesson should be focused on finalizing the different tasks required by the Enterprise Project Team. After the Teams work on their tasks, there should be one final meeting where the entire class meets to create an implementation plan for the Enterprise Project ?day-of? event.

This lesson is a great opportunity to engage the students in the garden and further inspire them to create a successful Enterprise Project to reinvest in the garden.



  • Garden Journal
  • pen or pencil


Be prepared to break students into their Enterprise Teams and to take the class out to the garden


Enterprise Project In-Class

Ask the class to break into their Enterprise Project Teams.

Ask the teams to (1) discuss the progress they have made on their Enterprise Project tasks, (2) what still needs to be done, and (3) the resources or assistance they need in order to complete their tasks.

Have one representative from each team give an update on these three discussion points, asking the rest of the class if anyone has a special skill and/or connection that can help move those tasks along.

After all teams have updated the class, have the teams work on their tasks. Encourage teams to collaborate and use each other?s skills to complete their tasks. Give the teams half the class period to work on their tasks.

Enterprise Project Homework

Complete your task(s) before your Enterprise Project Day(s) (date TBD and based on your chosen Enterprise Project). Use your teammates, other team members, the teacher, your parents, the community, or the computer as resources.

Once you have completed your Enterprise Project, debrief with the following assignment. Write one paragraph to be turned in next class period answering the following questions:

What was your overall experience with this Enterprise Project?

What is one positive and one negative thing about the Enterprise Project?

Do you think your class? Enterprise Project was successful? Why or why not?


Bring the class into the garden with their garden journals and a pen or pencil.
Have students sit around the garden, and ask students what they would do to change the garden.

Have students silently draw or write what they would add to the garden to make it more beautiful, more productive, more accessible, etc.

Examples of ideas are:

  • A fountain
  • Larger garden beds
  • Fruit trees
  • Larger selection of seeds
  • Shade umbrella

Ask the students to be creative with their ideas.

After 5-10 minutes, ask for volunteers to share their ideas.



Which ideas were prevalent throughout the class? Why? Which ideas are plausible/possible? How much would it cost to make your idea a reality? How much time would it take to create or achieve this idea? Does the class feel that they could achieve this idea?

Explain that the class will now vote on their favorite idea, which will determine how the class spends the money they make from their Enterprise Project.

Have your students put down their heads and close their eyes. Call out the name of each idea shared by the students and ask the students to raise their hands to vote for the two ideas they prefer. Tally up the number of votes for each idea and announce the top two. Then have one more vote, but this time everyone only gets one vote. ?Tally up the numbers again and announce the winning idea.

Wrap Up

Though this is the final Enterprise Lesson, the Enterprise Project can be conducted after this lesson. Make sure to repeat the Enterprise Project Homework. There should be an additional meeting with the entire class to create an Enterprise Project Implementation Plan.


Lesson 8: In the Garden