The lavender is used as an ornamental plant and sometimes as an herb. The leaves of this plant contain the essential oils that is then extracted. The flower is usually blue or purple. Some countries consider it to be a weed.



Planting Instructions/Basic Care Information:

Spring: Transplants: Plant outdoors in early spring.

Fall: Perennial Plant (produces for multiple years).

Preferred Growing Climate: Mild Mediterranean

Planting Depth: Plant root ball with shoots above ground.

Plant Spacing: 2-3′

Days to Germinate: 12-14 days

Days to Harvest: 60 days

In Season:


Pairs Well With:

Pasta, salad, dressing

Nutrition Facts:

Amount per 100 grams

Calories: 49

% Daily Value*

Total fat: 1 g ? ?1%


Cholesterol: 0 mg ? ?0%

Sodium: 0 mg ? ?0%

Potassium: 418 mg ? ?11%

Total Carbohydrate: 11 g ? ?3%