Grow With Me at Healthy Planet!

By?Nohely Izquierdo, Marketing Intern

I applied for an internship at Healthy Planet because I am passionate about health, education, and nonprofit organizations. This internship is not only going to teach me how to apply the skills that I have learned in school but it will also give me purpose.

I believe that education gives people an opportunity to improve their way of living. Healthy Planet is giving teachers, parents, and kids the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle. This organization is not only building a source of fresh produce for schools but it is also helping reduce type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Healthy Planet is showing kids a completely new skill — that growing your own produce is not only healthy, but fun too! As a kid, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by non-profit organizations. I learned how to dance, hike, and quilt, all thanks to volunteers who wanted to give back to their community. I continue to carry these skills with me and anytime I get the chance I teach them to others.

Over the next few months, I?m looking forward to learning how to raise funds for a non-profit organization, improve my writing, editing, and advertising skills, and of course, doing some gardening!