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What is a Deep Dive?


The Deep Dive is a leadership development tool grounded in collaborative,?innovative problem solving, design thinking and the tenets of improv, to enable a group to foster creativity and capacity for change in a short period of time.?

Students, both shy and outgoing, open up within minutes, contributing thoughts, ideas, and solutions that help drive the process forward for the challenges you’ve mentioned at your school.

Our Deep Dive is a half to multi-day workshop, consisting of 3 stages, followed with a customized action plan.

Stage 1: Gathering

We assist students in gathering observations and insights about the challenges your school faces. This is through various listening and empathy exercises.

Stage 2: “Out of the Box”ing

Through various improv activities, we get students thinking out of the box….(wayyy out of the box) to innovate and begin their collaborative solutions.

Stage 3: Building

We push our students to take aspects of the solutions and build physical representations of their ideas. This brings the work to life, allowing to think about specific details.

Customized Action Plan

After your Deep Dive session, our facilitator?takes the work that was accomplished and turns it into a realistic action plan for your school to follow. This is done in collaboration with a staff member of your choosing.