Food Fight Tour, Fighting to End Food Waste

Did you know that while over 45 million people in the United States are food insecure, more than 40% of food produced in the US goes uneaten?

Waste of this size is due in part to the average American throwing away more than 20 lbs of food every month. We all know that feeling of tossing another unfinished bag of salad because you just didn?t get around to eating that last bit, but uneaten food can cost households up to $2,200 per year.

Not only is all of that food going to waste, but the water wasted every year to produce it is equivalent to filling a 1 ft. deep pool the size of the state of Florida. That?s a lot of waste.

At Healthy Planet, we want to combat big food issues like food waste through the education of our youth. All of our initiatives at Healthy Planet focus on making changes to the way we interact with our food to make the world healthier. With Healthy Growing, we are helping kids access fruits and vegetables in a way that gets them excited to eat healthier. In our 21 Day Challenge, we are encouraging people to make a commitment to eating real food that will nourish their bodies.

Now we are excited to begin a new food education initiative ? the Food Fight Tour!

We’ll be traveling throughout the Bay Area to bring the Food Fight Tour’s message to the people, offering interactive and educational workshops on food waste. Our goal is to plant some seeds for sustainable solutions!

As a non-profit, we’re proud to offer this as a free resource to the community. Dates for the tour will be announced soon, but look for us at schools, events, and libraries that value healthy eating.?

When it comes to keeping this planet healthy, there’s a lot to talk about. In addition to food waste, the other issues we?re highlighting this year are food marketing and food access. Over the next few months, we?ll be focused on food waste, taking groups of students through an introduction of that issue and giving them some tools to feel confident in solving the problem. We’ll dive deep. Most importantly, though, we want to empower kids with the knowledge and confidence for them to make a difference.

If this is an idea that excites you, we understand! It excites us at Healthy Planet too. This is why we are also launching Camp Food Fight, Summer 2017! We want to give our youth the space to interact with problems in the food world up close and personal, while leading fun and engaging activities to help them work together to come up with solutions to these problems. Think Shark Tank meets summer camp meets food!

We believe that a passion for change will be the byproduct of our fun camp activities, focused on the food world. We will break down issues like food waste, creating innovative solutions throughout the week. There will also be plenty of traditional and not-so-traditional camp activities as well, giving campers a week they won?t forget.

To learn more, find us at Spaces are limited, so reserve your child?s spot ASAP.

If you’re interested in the Food Fight Tour coming to your community, organization, or event, please contact Ali Marrocco at In the meantime,?take the free Food Fight Pledge to show your support of the movement!