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Farmers Market Fun

About a month ago, the Healthy Planet US crew set out on a mission to sign up as many people for our #21DayChallenge who wanted to #TakeBackLunch as possible. Between a handful of farmers markets scattered about in San Francisco and 3 Earth Day Events, two in San Francisco and one in Sacramento, we were able to successfully sign up 130 new people, totalling just over 300 participants!


In addition to talking about the challenge and our Healthy Planet US mission, we were able to talk to many about our healthy growing and lifestyle programs, healthy lunches for their kids, and much more. We met many, MANY, amazing people and companies who all shared our mission of a better and healthier planet. Not only that, it was great getting out of the office to enjoy the fresh air, good food and music, and see the sights.


Don’t worry, it wasn’t all business at our booth. We made sure that we had plenty fun and games! We had some activities for the kids (and some adults joined in on the fun) to do such as: caterpillar gardens, coloring books, veggie costumes, chalk drawing and a photo booth!


Check out the photos that we took HERE! There are some very adorable ones to look at!  Plus we have a fun time lapse video of the markets here!


P.S. Special thanks to all of those who came out and volunteered their time to help at our table during the Earth Day. We couldn’t have done it without you.  We will be in markets again shortly, drop by and say hi!