black bean brownies

Egg Free Black Bean Brownies

Guest Blog Post Written By: ?Ilane Maximo


black bean brownies


For over a year now, I have been reading about healthier brownie recipes. Sweet potatoes, avocados, black beans, or kale are examples of ingredients that are added to brownies to create an indulgent but nutrient-dense dessert.

This last week, some friends came to visit and I finally decided to make my first batch of black bean brownies. I baked them when I was alone in the house and later asked them to evaluate the dessert. All I mentioned was that the recipe did not have eggs or regular flour. The verdict? They loved it. From a scale of 0 (did not like at all) to 5 (loved it), this brownie received a 4.7 rating.

Black Bean Brownies
(Adapted from Chocolate Covered Katie blog)

– 1 1/2 cups black beans (one 15-oz can, drained and rinsed well)
– 2 tablespoon of cocoa powder (I used unsweetened cocoa powder from Trader Joe?s)
– 1/2 cup of oat flour (you can either purchase it or pulse rolled oats in a food processor)
– 1/3 cup honey or maple syrup
– 1-2 tablespoons of sugar (Optional- I used one tablespoon, but add two for a sweeter brownie)
– 1/4 cup of coconut or vegetable oil (I used half coconut oil and half olive oil, but feel free to use canola oil)
– 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
– 1/4 teaspoon salt
– 1/8 teaspoon of instant espresso coffee (optional)
– 1/3 cup hazelnuts or pecans (pulsed in 4 seconds only for big chunks)
– 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips plus 1 tablespoon if you would like to add as topping (When choosing chocolate chips, try to find ones with 3 ingredients or less)

1. Preheat oven to 350F.
2. In a food processor, pulse black beans until they are smooth.
3. Add remaining ingredients to black beans paste except hazelnuts and chocolate chips. Pur?e until very well combined.
4. Stir in hazelnut pieces and chocolate chips.
5. In a greased 8×8 pan, add batter and bake for 18 minutes (oven times vary, so pay close attention after 15 minutes).
6. Remove from oven and leave it for at least 10 minutes before cutting it.
7. Serve warm and enjoy.

Here are some important notes:
– This is not your usual brownie recipe, but a healthier version that is also delicious.
– I used regular rolled oats, not quick cooking oats, and I was very pleasant with the result.
– Feel free to replace hazelnuts for pecans or walnuts.
– If you do not enjoy coconut flavor or coconut oil, use olive oil only.
– I added only 1 tablespoon of sugar and no vanilla extract as several brownie recipes suggest. Replace 1 tablespoon of sugar for 1 of vanilla extract to reduce the amount of sugar added. {Important: women should consume up to 6 teaspoons of sugar per day, and men up to 9 teaspoons of sugar per day}.
– I did a blind taste testing with my friends and only one out of seven said he would prefer it sweeter. For a sweeter brownie, add 2 tablespoons of sugar or use 1/2 cup of honey instead of 1/3 cup.
– I could not taste the black beans at all and I am certainly making these brownies again soon.

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