Hospital Food

Comparing the US Food System & Health Care Stats

Guest Blog Post Written By: Lydia Wisz from Food Wisz-dom

I found the following article?to be extremely helpful, particularly because I have most recently had a loved one in the hospital.

There is no doubt that I believe the following statements to be true to a degree, such as, “Hospital food needs help!” or “Hospital food is so unsatisfying and flavorless” or “Hospital food is the worst”. I’ve heard all of those statements, and unfortunately, I’ve got to agree that while hospital food may not be the worst, it certainly could use a makeover. I understand that many patients/families watch their salt intake or fat intake or followcalorie counts, but why make their diet so unsatisfying!

All of those just mentioned food scenarios can have spice substitutes used for salt or could simply focus more on braising, roasting, steaming or even blanching their vegetables. Those cooking methods certainly work in maintaining more of the nutritional profiles of the vegetables — which, by the way — makes them taste better too! No wonder so many people hate their vegetables!

The thing is though, there is way too much of a strong correlation between our food system and the statistics that health care already has. There is no doubt that food really can serve as medicine.

The statements below summarize what this article is about. While I do agree with the first part, I do believe that there is a strong connection between healing and health. Yes, many hospitals do feed their patients poor-quality, awful-tasting foods, but that is changing. No doubt, there is a connection between money and health, but simply because an individual is wealthy or is financially better off than someone else doesn’t necessarily mean that they follow a good nutritious diet.

What do you think?

“There is no connection between food and health. People are fed by the food industry, which pays no attention to health, and are healed by the health industry, which pays no attention to food.
It follows that there is no connection between healing and health. Hospitals customarily feed their patients poor-quality, awful-tasting, factory-made expensive food and keep them awake all night with various expensive attentions. There is a connection between money and health.” -?Wendell Berry
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