Camp Food Fight 2017 Recap

Hello Camp Food Fight friends! It’s hard to believe our last camp day of 2017 was a whole month ago. In our time away from camp, we’ve been reflecting on our exciting journey with our awesome campers and staff.

We owe so much gratitude to the campers themselves. They were a thrill to work with and to get to know. From the deep dive activities to improv games to snack and lunch to riding horses, there was never a dull moment. The camp counselors all agreed their cheeks hurt at the end of the day from laughing so much.

Aside from their great sense of humor, the campers have a lot to be proud of; they built raised garden beds and planted lettuce, radishes, and carrots, they prepped and cooked a delicious and healthy lunch with Chef Ben from Boxed Foods Company, they powered through some difficult team building exercises like the cup pyramid and our breakout box, and they gave extremely impressive presentations about their solutions to food waste and food deserts. You can read more about the solutions our campers came up with below.

We couldn?t be more thankful to our hosts, Double J Ranch for sharing their love of horses with the kids. The horses — Shiny, Styx, and Alibi — were a big hit with the campers. They hope the campers will come back to visit!

While Camp Food Fight may be on a break until next summer, we are keeping our momentum going by gearing up for our Food Fight Tour! Stay tuned for more updates on that throughout the year.

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Camp Food Fight Camper Solutions 2017

Session 1: Food Wasted is Food Lost – focusing on food waste

Chasing Chester, a tv series made by kids, for kids.

The inspiration behind their solution was the fact that food waste is a huge problem and people don?t know the consequences. The campers decided they wanted to produce a show with talking animals as the main characters, that?s funny for kids and adults alike (think Pixar). They did everything, from sketching out a logo?and characters, to writing and performing a HILARIOUS scene about farmers throwing out ugly corn.

Session 2: Food Desert or Dessert? – focusing on food access

You Know It?s Healthy, a restaurant where the food looks and tastes like junk food, but it?s vegan!
These kids knew that while you need to eat healthy food, they still would choose Doritos over a cucumber almost any day. That?s why they came up with their restaurant, You Know It?s Healthy. This is a place where the food is good for you, but still looks and tastes like the stuff you could buy at a convenience store or fast food restaurant, like a vegan Big Mac. Not only is this restaurant totally vegan, but it sources its veggies from a garden in the back that offers community classes. All this, and they sell food and produce as a mini grocery store. They have it all!

Turnip Truck, a mobile grocery store that brings fresh and healthy produce to food deserts.

Our campers learned that many people only have access to convenience stores to do their shopping, so their idea is to bring fresh groceries to these communities! In the form of an electric-powered semi truck, our campers designed their own version of a mobile grocery store. The cool part about this? These already exist! Read more about creative solutions to food deserts here.