Benefits of Ginger

?At times I take for granted that a certain food will taste a certain way ? especially when it carries with it the delicious aroma and flavor of a plant or spice ? like Ginger. Just yesterday I was feeling a bit ?queasy? from something I ate, so I decided to make some ginger tea, and sure enough, I felt so much better.


It amazes me that ginger has been around for many thousands of years and used by various cultures from India, China, the Middle East and even the Roman Empire! How were they so ahead of their time in knowing that there was such a remedy for an upset stomach!


Ginger has also proven to be effective in other ways as well, like morning sickness, general nausea after a surgery and even chemo-induced nausea for cancer patients.

Some other wonderful remedies that ginger provides? Remedies for asthma, arthritis, cholesterol problems, migraine and even heart attack prevention!


In knowing that this underground stem has so many health benefits makes me appreciate it even more in everyday foods as well. ?Ginger goes well with such spices as cardamom, cumin turmeric, star anise, chile and many more!

Picture: Kerala Beef Stew with Ginger, Beet Salad with Green Beans and Pistachios with a simple vinaigrette

Guest Blog Post By: ?Lida Wisz from Food Wisz-dom?

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