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We’re a nonprofit inspiring a new generation of conscious eaters.

Our food system is broken, but together we can fix it.

Healthy Growing School Gardens have helped?over


to date.

We believe that the health of the planet and the health of

local communities

are inextricably tied to personal health and well-being.

Our goal is

a garden in every school

in America.

We believe most of us

don’t know

what we’re eating and if it’s healthy or safe.

We believe that it

all starts

with cooking.

We believe that if the young generation learns

how to cook and why,

it will improve our future organically.

We believe people will make
healthy choices when giventransparent options.

We believe

culture shifts

before politics do.

We believe in

teamwork and


We believe in

real, practical education.

We believe in

real food.