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9 DIY Protein Packed Snacks and Bars

Written By: Tawni Alailima

9 DIY Protein-Packed Snacks & Bars

Many individuals fall victim to the convenience of protein bars believing these products are a ?healthy? snack alternative that keeps them fuller longer. However, these protein bars that are found in grocery stores and sports nutrition stores usually contain high fructose corn syrup, artificial ingredients, and soy protein isolate that can run havoc on your digestive health. Do your body a favor and make your own protein-filled snacks. (DIY protein bars will save you a TON of money as well).

With the fall marathon season upon us, and the Nike Women?s Half Marathon this upcoming weekend, it?s time to give yourself a go at some of these healthy protein-packed snack alternatives and recipes below.

1) Plant-based Protein Shake ? ?The Quick and Easy?
My new favorite protein powder is called Orgain Organic Protein. I discovered it at Costco for $30! It?s gluten, dairy, GMO, and soy free. It?s a plant-based protein, so there?s no soy protein isolates or whey protein that can agitate your stomach, plus there are no added sugars.

Another all-time favorite: Garden of Life RAW Protein
Like Orgain, it?s a plant-based protein with none of those crazy additives protein powders are notorious for including in their ingredients.

*For all the recipes listed below that require protein powders I suggest using either of these two protein powders or another plant-based protein powder.

2) Quinoa, Fruit, & Nut Protein Bars ? ?The Nutty Bar?

Recipe and photo from: almonds and avocados

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 10.56.11 PM

I?m a huge fan of nuts AND quinoa, so this is up next on my to-do list.

3) Hemp Protein Bar ? ?The Not-So Simple Bar?
Recipe and photo from: robinskey


This ones for the type of people who have a naturally good hand at baking based on the extensive ingredient list and the amount of effort it takes compared to the other bars on this list.

4) Rolled Date Bars ? ?The Three Ingredient Bar?
Recipe and photo from: healy eats real


Homemade is always better than store bought, but I have also seen these in the bulk section of my local grocery stores like Whole Foods and Safeway.

5) Chocolate Coconut Protein Bar ? ?It?s Almost a Dessert Bar?
Recipe and photo from: Girl Meets Nourishment


This recipe calls for hemp hearts, but can easily be replaced with chia seeds. Another tip is to double the recipe since the original only makes two servings.

6) No- Bake Banana Nut Bar ? ?The Freezer Bar?
Recipe and photo from: Will Cook For Friends


No oven required. These are great for an on-the-go morning.

7) Pumpkin Spice Bar ? ??Tis The Season Bar?
Recipe and photo from: The Gracious Pantry


I actually just made these! I have very little experience in any type of baking/cooking so if mine turned out edible, I?m sure anyone?s can. They?re EXTREMELY filling. The recipe above used vanilla protein powder but I only had chocolate Orgain, it was still delicious. However, next time I?m doubling the pumpkin spice amount because I was a little bummed on the lack of pumpkin I could taste in the bar.

photo 1 photo 2

8) Paleo Protein Pancakes
Recipe and photo from: Dief


I like to prepare the mix at night and keep it in the refrigerator to use for the next couple of mornings. I avoid the chocolate chips but I like to throw in a tablespoon or two of apple sauce to make them extra moist.

9) Larabar
If you?re looking at this list and still have no desire to make protein bars, then buying Larabars is your best bet. These can be found in almost every grocery store but unlike the other bars that can be found?next to them, these bad boys only contain simple ingredients with no additives. The only downfall is that Larabars can be a bit more expensive, I always like a good deal so I just wait until they are on sale and buy in bulk.