tips to a healthy holiday season

7 Tips to Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

7 Tips on Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

Blog Post Written By: Ariana Vargas

1. Control portion size

thanksgiving portion size

Don?t refrain from your favorite foods, instead try everything in moderation.

2. Sporting spirit

Balance a few more calories with fun family flag football, a walk through the neighborhood, or even your local turkey trot!

3. Eat breakfast

Eating breakfast in the morning will give you more control over your appetite.

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4. Eat slow

chipmunk eating peanuts

Satiation?takes a while to set in allow your body time to know it?s full.

5. Hydrate

Drinking lots of water will make you feel fuller faster.

6. Switch and Swap


Replace high calorie recipes?with healthier alternatives

7. Smile

Friends Having Lunch

Having a great time during the holidays is an important aspect to any healthy lifestyle.