7 Kid Friendly Recipes for Thanksgiving

Guest Blog Post Written By: Tawni Alailima

Get your child involved in the preparation for your Thanksgiving meal. These appetizers, side dishes, and desserts are not only kid-approved, but they?re easy to make with your junior chef.

1. Maple glazed carrots
Recipe By: Budget Savvy Diva

Thanksgiving Maple

Even kids who don?t like vegetables have a hard time saying no to these glazed carrots.
*Substitute the butter for coconut oil to make this a vegan-friendly dish *

2. Candy Corn Popsicles
Recipe By: The Girl Inspired

Candy Corn Popsicle DIY

Easy to make with children and can be made the night before!

3. Fruit Cones:
Recipe By: Kirbie Cravings?

fruit holidays

Have your kid fill waffle cones with his or her favorite fruits and presto! You have a healthy dessert dish

4. Football Rice Krispies Treat:
Recipe by: Moms Confession

football thanksgiving

Does your family watch football during Thanksgiving? Bring these kid-favorites for dessert!

5. Black Bean and Rice Bowls:
Recipe By: Everyday Family

everyday easy recipie

Are you in charge of bringing appetizers this year? Kids can help combine and layer all the ingredients to make a rice bowl or a yummy dip for tortilla chips.

6. Chocolate Acorn Cookies
Recipe By: Frugal Living Now?


This dessert only asks for three ingredients and is really easy for kids to participate in.

7. Turkey Sausage and Apple Salad
Recipe By: Canadian Living?

salad fall

Make sure your child gets their greens in this Thanksgiving with this yummy salad! They can help by mixing all the ingredients together as well too.