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6 Tips to keep your garden growing while on vacation

  1. Assign a Garden Buddy
    • Is there an employee who will be on premises during spring break? Give them a watering schedule and assign?days that will work for them.
  2. Water & Mulch
    • Just before vacation water your garden well and then add mulch around the base of each plant to help retain moisture.
  3. DIY Self Watering Jugs
    • Learn about this easy fast fill, slow water release system
  4. Recycled Bottles
  5. Consider grouping plants by water needs
    • This tool is the best $7 you could spend
    • Plants range from what their dry-wet means to them
    • The full spectrum of dry to wet is 1-10
    • However some plants are dry at 7 and others at 2
    • Help caretakers or garden buddies by grouping or labeling plants by watering needs
  6. Use technology to your advantage.