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5 Scary Facts about Halloween!

Written by: Benson Nguyen

Eating bugs!
Let?s eat some bugs for Halloween! You will find some bugs mashed into some of your favorite candies this Halloween. Shellacs secretions are used to coat candy in a shiny glaze, such as Jelly Belly and Milk Duds. The cochineal are used to dye food, candy, and drinks red. So, eat up.

Halloween Bugs


Bathe Your Mouth in acid.

If you want to spit acid, eating candy may be close enough. Sour candy can have a pH on the same level as battery acid. This can harm and erode your teeth. Also, acid can be created by the bacteria in our mouth when we?re eating things such as candy. ?Make sure to wash out your mouth and brush your teeth after your candy binge.

sour candy


(ABC)?and (Livestrong)

Chocolate can kill!

Chocolate can be the death of you. Chocolate contains a chemical compound called Theobromine that can cause heart failure and seizure. You can potentially die if you decided to eat 22 pounds of chocolate. Getting chocolate on Halloween is great, but it?s nothing to die for!



Urine into whiskey.


Living a lifestyle with high sugar intake can lead to developing diabetes. You?re in for a surprise if that?s not scary enough. The urine in diabetics can be potent enough to make whiskey. You can give it a try if you are feeling risky enough and want to spook people out.


Sugar can cause memory loss.

Too much sugar may make you forget. A study showed that a person with a high blood sugar levels had a worse memory than a person with a average?blood sugar level and you may be higher risk for dementia.?Remember to keep sugar to a minimum this Halloween!