My 21 Day Contract

Let?s Make A Plan

When we write down exactly what we?re trying to accomplish and make it visible, it acts as a reminder and holds us accountable for our actions. Even the smallest behaviors take time to change, so we need to constantly remind ourselves what we?re trying to do (and the great benefits of those choices!).


  • Set three achievable and measurable goals
  • Ask another person to sign my contract and be my witness (someone who can be my cheerleader)
  • Post my contract in an easily visible location
  • Review my contract at the end of each week, create new goals, revise what I have, or continue with the same ones

Use the following prompts to help create my goals

What are my intentions for my 21 Day Challenge:


Some challenges I may face are:

To overcome these challenges I will:

How many colors of real food do I eat per day___, per week___?

How many colors of real food would I like to eat per day___, per week___?

This week I?m adding this one food to my eating plan:


This week, I?m going to stop buying or eating this food:



3 Goals for my 21 Day Challenge:


Signature:____________________________________________ Date:________________________________________________

Witness Signature (someone who is rooting for me):_________________________________________________ Date:_________________________________________________


Downloadable?21 Day Challenge Contract