Welcome to the first step towards a better life!

This challenge is designed for you by you, taken at your own pace, to reach the goals you will be setting for yourself. You get to decide what you want to work on and how involved you want to be.

Eating healthy isn’t about fad diets. Everyone’s body is different, so while low carb may work for one person, low fat, vegan, or paleo may work for another person. ?The key is to eat real food and listen to our body. Stomach aches, indigestion, headaches, and other “everyday” ailments are often based on what we eat, but we don’t need to live that way.

The #TakeBackLunch?21 Day Challenge is simply about challenging ourselves to eat REAL FOOD for lunch for 21 days.

We provide a handful of optional resources such as a contract, journal, and?menu planner, to help provide support and keep us on track, but nothing is mandatory.

What does ?real food? mean?

  • Real food grows and dies, it is not created in a factory
  • Real food rots and wilts — real food cannot sit on a shelf for months
  • Real food does not have an ingredient label
  • Real food in its most natural state will always be either a vegetable, fruit, grain, legume, nuts, seeds, and/or animal protein
  • Real food has been minimally processed

The 21 Day Challenge IS NOT:

  • Promoting any fad diets
  • Promoting any extreme cleanses
  • Dictating a particular diet or menu plan
  • Promoting drinking any lemon, cayenne water, or other strange diet concoctions!

?The 21 Day Challenge IS:

  • Eating real food
  • Cooking with friends and family
  • Listening to our own body’s needs
  • Learning about the ingredients in our everyday food
  • Becoming more food aware
  • Keeping track of our own personal journey and what works and doesn’t work
  • Exploring when organic is necessary
  • Learning what eating seasonal and local means
  • Keeping it simple
  • “Taking Back Lunch”
  • Focusing on small steps to improve our health and overall lifestyle
  • Loving and celebrating food 🙂

Follow these 8 simple steps for a successful 21 Day Challenge!

Step 1: Read through the 21 Day Challenge webpages and have your calendar handy

Step 2:?Decide which supporting documents and online resources you would like to use to help you plan for your challenge

Step 3:?Use the Journal to plan your personal goals for the challenge

Step 4: Clean out your fridge and cabinets of items that don?t meet your goals

Step 5: Save or bookmark the recipes you want to try — we have a recipe for each?of the 21 days to support you!

Step 6: Use the weekend to plan your week-to-week menu

Step 7: Sign your own personal contract

Step 8: Participate, share with our community, and win great prizes!